Heavy Duty Hydraulic Jet Engine Crane / Lift / Hoist

Our Heavy Duty Engine Lift has been designed for mechanics that don’t believe it’s a good idea to remove engines on Million Dollar aircraft with a forklift.

This versatile Heave Duty Hydraulic Jet Engine Crane / Lift / Hoist can fit a wide variety of lifting needs. 425 Manufacturing is a custom engineering and fabrication company. If this style of our lift doesn’t fit you exact needs, feel free to talk to us about tweaking a lift for yours specific application.

Our lift is basically a standard engine lift on steroids. Currently this revision of our lift will reach 170″ height with a maximum rated weight of 1,600 lbs. ( Note: this model was tested at 2,400 lbs / 150% of the rated weight ).

Model Capacity Overall Width Boom Reach (retracted) Boom Reach (extended) Boom Height (low) Boom Height (high)
HD-J1 1,600 lbs. 51″ 68″ 78″ 12″ 170″

Standard configuration includes everything shown in pictures. 

Including: Heavy duty brake, precision needle valve for fine adjustment during lowering of lift, movable push bar for transport, and D-Ring tie down shackles for transport.