Hawker Series 1 Thru 1000 SA30088PAS Brake Alignment Fixture

This is our Brake Alignment Fixture for the Hawker Series 1 Thru 1000. Part Number SA30088PAS One of our customers asked us to reverse engineer theirs and make them a new one. After test fitting on multiple jets we came up with the perfect size.  We ended up taking our customers used sample and re-making new ears. ( their ears were bent and shimmed with paper to get them to work properly after years of abuse ). We then sent their old unit out with our new ears to be anodized. We can sell you a fixture new or repair the ears on yours if needed.  Our customer now has a set of fixtures, instead of just one piece, and can now efficiently work on the brakes on both sides of their jet with ease.

This fixture is made from Aircraft Quality 6061 Aluminum and Gold Anodizing to increase resistance to corrosion and wear.

Please call us for affordable pricing on a new unit, or pricing to repair your old fixture.

SA30088PAS Brake Allignment Fixture

Brake Alignment Fixture SA30088PAS

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