Helping Our Community

425 Manufacturing takes great pride in developing  a working relationship with our local community.

On June 1st, 2016 we had our first annual blood. It was a great success with over 20 successful donations and over half of them were first time participants.



On June 1st we also committed to Jim Stone of 104.9 WXRX to fix the worn out rods on the Clock Tower in Rockford, IL

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Click Here to link to the Fix The Clock Tower Page

On October 1st, 2015  we will be embracing Manufacturing Day and will have students from Stillman Valley High School dropping by for a plant tour.


We are currently in the process of designing and 3D printing wheels for Jefferson High Schools robotics team “Breaking Bot Robotics”

jhawk logo

     Our Finished PrototypeRobot Wheel  for Jefferson High School Robotics20150919_114002  Our First Draft of Jefferson Robot Wheel20150919_113934

Our TAZ 5 3D Printer


 A snapshot of what our robot will be climbing.Robot Course  Grooves for proposed timing belt for traction.20150919_114202

 What the timing belt looks like on the prototype.20150919_114047


Below is  link to this years Robotics competition that Jefferson will be taking part in.


Mike Thomason is a member of the EMITT Academy advisor team at Jefferson High School in Rockford, IL ( EMITT – Engineering, Manufacturing, Industrial, Trade Technologies ). This committee helps advise the faculty and students of the Rockford Public Schools, RPS 205 on what skills students will need after graduation and upon entering the local manufacturing industry.



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